Dear readers,

LIGERIS MEDIA is the personal blog of François Le Moing about cultural heritage of the world.

This digital media is published as an online magazine, with its latest posts issued on social networks: InstagramTwitter and Facebook.

It is not a newspaper nor a magazine published by a news organization. At the present time, its sole objective is to inform and entertain, without commercial purpose.

LIGERIS MEDIA MAGAZINE is sharing stories and news on heritage, in its different aspects: History, Arts, Traditions, Nature. About France and abroad, though mainly focused on Paris area and the Loire Valley.

The editorial line is quite generalist but over time it will become more specialized. The objective, for next year, is to focus the magazine on the promotion of lesser-known heritage and patrimony related to sustainable tourism.

Ligeris Media is published in English, rather than in French – the author’s mother tongue – with the aim of reaching a wider audience.

In order to protect the name of the site and its use in France, the name of Ligeris Media is registered as a trademark with the French Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle (INPI).

In the future, depending on the size of its audience, the website may be partially financed by advertising to cover its production costs. It would then also have a commercial purpose.

Have a good reading!

François Le Moing
Editorial Director