From the wild are some exceptional canids : the New Guinea Singing Dogs

 The New Guinea Singing Dogs are unique with their fascinating vocals and natural distinct behavior. They are also a good exemple of some awesome adaptation in an isolated natural environment.

These features should be enough reason to protect them. But there is more.

As the other oldest types of wild dogs, such as the dingos in Australia, they have a mix of wolf origins and of short primitive domestication.

But do they really have some deep prehistorical roots ? Do they come directly from the canids companions of our so distant ancestors ?

 Some scientists think that studying these dogs are the best possibility to find the answer. Even more because the Singing Dogds are probably on the verge of the extinction.

Altough as it unkown how many of them are still living in the wild.

Andrew Luck-Baker, Science producer, investigated the case, trying to penetrate this mystery . He went to the spot interviewing experts.


The task of the New Guinea Singing Dogs Conservation Society is to rescue and give care to those have a domestic life, in the USA. But also to support local efforts to preserve the their wildlife in New Guinea.

I enjoyed this story on BBC Radio 4 programme.


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Photo of a New Guinea Singing Dog, by R.G. Daniel