Take advantage of your next touristical tour in the Loire Valley this summer. Don’t miss to take a short detour near Blois!
You’ll find there Talcy castle, a nice and romantic site to visit.

It is an old manor house looking like a castle from the end of the Middle Ages, with an agricultural vocation. The farming estate is still existing with its orchard and  beautiful garden.

That lovely place has special poetic atmosphere. Especially because Cassandre Salviati, daughter of the first owner, inspired to the famous French poet Pierre de Ronsard his great verses « Mignonne, allons voir si la rose…».

He wrote this romantic and philosophical text in 1545. It’s an ode about the youth who passes like the time of a flower.

Other historical figures were linked with Talcy castle like the poet Théodore Agrippa d’Aubigné and his muse Diane Salviati. Also, during the French Wars of Religion, on the 28th of June 1562, the queen Catherine de Médicis with her son the king Charles IX hold there the Talcy conference.

It was the last diplomatic encounter trying to reconciliate Catholics and Protestants. Another sad event of Talcy history: the French-Prussian war. A that time, the castle was the HQ of the French General de Chanzy but was seized by the ennemies.


Far away from these dramatic times, back now to culture and nature! French National monument since 1933, Talcy castle has a lot to tell and show. Don’t miss to look for information on its website.

The cover image of this post has been partipating to the competition for the best photo of a castle in the Loir et Cher department. It represents a peaceful atmosphere of the place, particularly of its lovely garden.