Cassel in Flanders: preferred village of the French 2018

Reuze Papa, carnival giant, in Cassel preferred village of the French 2018. North of France

End of suspense: the winner is Cassel! In this 7th edition of the national contest, the Flanders region, in the north of France, has been honored. Cassel,  one of its beautiful villages, has been elected as the favourite village of the French for the year 2018.

Commune located in the Nord department, Hauts-de-France administrative region, Cassel has ancient celtics roots. It was originaly the stronghold and main place of the Morins, a Gaulish people. Indeed , the town has been built up on Mont Cassel, a 176 meters high hill. So, it overlooks the coastal plains of French and Belgian Flanders.

Its geographical position gave it a strategic significance over centuries. Many battles were evidence of it, from Gallic and Roman times to World War 2.

Cultural richness

Nowdays, Cassel has a limited economical activity but developps its friendly local life and touristical assets. Mainly thanks to its cultural richness from gastronomy to History, popular traditions and arts.

Reuze Papa and Reuze Maman, two famous local giants of carnival, are shown twice a year during Mardi Gras and the first Monday f Easter. They are now part of UNESCO World heritage (intangible cultural heritage), with all the Processional giants and dragons in Belgium and France.

Mill of Cassel, in the North of France

Mill of Cassel, in the North of France

Worth also to see:
First of all, the Museum of Flanders (Musée départemental de Flandre). Secondly its Mill, renovated in 1983 and producing flour since 1992.  Unfortunately ,it is closed now due to another works, untill further notice.

On the green side of this lovely village, don’t forget to visit two beautiful gardens: Jardin du Mont des Récollets – Wouwenberghof; Jardin des plantes sauvages and Jardin des plantes médicinales du Conservatoire Botanique National de Bailleul.

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