End of suspense: the winner is Cassel!

In this 7th edition of the national contest, the Flanders region, in the north of France, has been honored. Cassel, one of its beautiful villages, has been elected as the favourite village of the French for the year 2018.

Commune located in the Nord department, Hauts-de-France administrative region, Cassel has ancient celtics roots. It was originaly the stronghold and main place of the Morins, a Gaulish people. Indeed , the town has been built up on Mont Cassel, a 176 meters high hill. So, it overlooks the coastal plains of French and Belgian Flanders.

Other attractions:

First, the Departmental Museum of Flanders. Then, its mill, renovated in 1983. It has been producing flour since 1992. Bad luck, it is currently closed for new work.

Before you leave, don’t miss your nature break: three gardens await your visit!

The Garden of the Mount of the Recollets – Wouwenberghof,
the Garden of wild plants and the Garden of medicinal plants of the National Botanical Conservatory of Bailleul.

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